Saturday, December 10, 2011

A BIG Month

A lot has been going around here over the past month or so with pre-production moving at full speed on Brumar Films' own wrestling film The Hardest Six, and with the future addition of a Red Scarlet-X to our camera inventory. First things first, what is this movie? Well let me answer that with an excerpt post from the official movie blog, which resides at the movie website

This isn’t exactly the beginning of a long journey, but rather the next step. As for this film, the journey started nearly 10 years ago. For me wrestling was a passion and a way of life, and there was nothing I cared about more, until I graduated high school and pursued filmmaking. Ever since that time, the idea of making a wrestling film has been a recurring theme in my life. I don’t know how to put it into words, but I have always carried a special place in my heart for the sport.

My first attempt at bringing a wrestling script to the big screen was in 2006. Not confident enough in my own writing skills, I commissioned the help of a freelance writer and former Ohio wrestler. It was a fun process collaborating on the story and character development, but the final story was not what I had envisioned and the script was put to the side. I still keep a copy, but to this day the movie never got made.

Then about six months ago I stumbled upon a series of books that changed my life, and my writing. Almost overnight I found a new sense of confidence to try and write my story the way I had intended it, the only difference was this time it would be a short film and not a feature. Forever I had felt that making a feature length film was crucial, and that anything less wasn’t worth the time. But after I finished the first draft of The Hardest Six, I realized how powerful a well written 20 minute film could be. The story was tight, the characters had real problems, and I was finally able to show off the only sport I ever loved in a way that seemed to fit. So with that all said, I have reached that pivotal moment when you can only say “It’s go time!”

From this point forward I invite you to join me, the cast, and crew of The Hardest Six as we continue the journey. I will be posting here regularly with news, photos, videos, and more as we complete pre-production, as we shoot the film, and right on through post-production up until we premiere the film to the world. I hope that you will follow along and enjoy the ride.

Right now The Hardest Six is in the middle of a 45 day fundraising effort to get the movie into actual shooting. If you would like to support this film with a donation, please visit the Donate page on the website. Any donation of $25 or more will receive a gift in return. Below is a short video which we shot giving another take on this production from writer/director Martin Whittier.

In other news, and yet still connected, Brumar Films will be adding the Red Digital Cinema, Scarlet-X to our camera inventory. Here is another excerpt from the Hardest Six website explaining how this camera integrates perfectly into shooting.

For a long time it has been a dream to shoot this film on the best camera system available at the time. Ten years ago that would have been 35mm film, but today with giant leaps in camera sensor technology, the new vision is RED. You can’t talk to someone in the motion picture industry without eventually discussing the Red. Red Digital Cinema came on the scene a little over 3 years ago with their first camera system, the Red One, a 4K high-resolution system that started a culture shift in delivering outstanding bang for the buck. Within the past year Red has delivered two more cameras to market with the introduction of their new flagship camera the Epic and the more entry-level Scarlet-X. Both cameras utilize the same smaller form factor and 5K 35mm sensor.

Initially The Hardest Six was slated to be shot on Epic with the older Red One MX as a secondary camera for faster paced shoot days. Now, Brumar Films will be acquiring a Scarlet-X as part of our camera inventory and it will become the primary camera for this film. The beautiful aspect of these new Red cameras is a considerably smaller form factor similar to DSLR still cameras, a very modular design allowing for infinite configurations, and full integration with our existing glass (Zeiss ZF.2 and Canon L Series zooms.) This system promises that the finished film master will be of the highest possible quality. This will put The Hardest Six into a special club along the lines of other famous movies shot on Red including Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Spider-Man 4, The Social Network, The Hobbit, and many other films.

I’m very excited about this news, and I am looking forward to learning this camera along side the rest of the crew. At the moment, the Scarlet-X cameras are on backorder with Red, but as soon as it arrives I will post un-boxing photos.

After our Scarlet-X arrives we will make updates to our rental page for anyone who would like to use it on their production. In the meantime continue to check in here as well as on the movie page to follow our progress.