Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Girls That Dance - Music Video

About 2-3 months ago Brumar Films got hooked up with a talented director by the name of Jack Cook who was in the process of putting together a music video for a local band called "The Perfects." His vision for this video was clear from the start, and ambitious considering the many restraints we had to overcome. So after all the pieces were in place we started out on our three 1/2 days of shooting. The tools for this job was a Canon 7D with Zeiss ZF.2 Duclos lenses and Zacuto EVF, a Dana Dolly, and many lights. We did include several shots from a B cam 60D as well. Day 1 involved shooting the bands performance covering the entire song. The dolly added a lot of nice movement to the shots, and both the A and B camera went hand held when needed.

The second and third days of shooting introduced our lovely dancers and extras. Dan Poole and myself worked quickly to develop a lighting scheme to meet the directors style for the video. We continued using the 7D on our dolly for many shots in combination with tripod shots. By the end of the shoot we felt that we had a solid video and it would all come down to the edit. Director Jack then took the footage off to post where he put together what is now the final piece, which we are all proud of. This video is a great example of collaborative filmmaking in action.

Enough talk at this point, enjoy the video and check out more from The Perfects.

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  1. Great work by the Brumar Films team. Our incredibly tight production schedule required speedy setups and execution-- and you guys delivered!

    -Jack Cook, Director "Girls That Dance"