Thursday, July 21, 2011

Boys and Their Toys

Just arrived this week was a brand new set of Duclos moded Zeiss ZF.2 lenses, 18-85mm. So with eager excitement and the need to try them out I gathered up a Sony FS100 and Nanoflash, and took the kit out on a mini shoot. The location for this short would be my father's garage where he stores a decent collection of classic cars (mainly Fords.) I set out with the aforementioned kit and my Dana Dolly to add that cinematic touch. Side by side with my father we shot for a couple hours and even thought of a fun little story for the movie. In the end I think we made a nice show piece for his cars and a strong video showing off the camera system.

As for the techie side of this post, let me just say that working with the Duclos moded ZF.2 lenses are a dream. Having worked with cinema PL, Nikon, Canon, and even Zeiss CP.2s, the ZFs are a delight by comparison to most. The FS100 I'm still getting a feel for. The buttons are a little like a jigsaw puzzle, and their are a few nice features missing. But the image it makes is perfect, and I am really happy with the video we shot. I have a feeling that I will be working with this package much more in the future.

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