Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Short Film - Based on the Book

Some very good friends of Brumar Films approached me two weeks ago about shooting a short film for their son's class project. After learning more about the book, "Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key," I was excited to take on the challenge. The story was written about a boy with ADHD who has trouble dealing with his everyday life because of home and medical issues. But after meeting his new teacher "Special" Ed, he takes a turn for the better.

We started out this project with a quick pre-production meeting over pizza to work out which aspects of the book we would tackle. After all, the final target length was only 5 minutes. After nailing that down, we gathered props, and located our fellow actors and locations. For this shoot, it was a family affair. Our child star's parents stepped up to play boom op and 1st AC, while I cam op'd. Thanks to my lovely wife Daniela and good buddy Dan for playing key roles in the movie. And thanks to our local church Creswell Christian for allowing us to film there on such short notice.

The whole shoot lasted only one day but was pretty intense, especially for a majority novice crew. We started with a fun scene in a tall grass field where our star destroyed an entire blueberry pie. And then moved on to the church to complete all of the other scenes. All in all we shot 6 scenes that day before returning back to home base for a quick session of narration.

Immediately after wrapping on production, I dove into a marathon session of editing, audio mixing, and color correction. Post-production lasted all of 36 hours, non-consecutively thank goodness. I must admit that it was fun to work on such a project. It wasn't based on clients or budgets, simply about making an entertaining piece for a class of 12 year olds to enjoy. And I think we all succeeded.

The final film, at a blistering length of 6 minutes is funny, serious, and somewhat insightful to a world some of us may not understand. I had a great time working on this little film and I hope you enjoy watching it. And Tom Cruise, you should watch out as I think we may have a new star on the rise after this goes viral.

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