Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Photon Effect - Premiering in Baltimore

It has been a long time in the making for filmmaker Dan Poole, as his movie "The Photon Effect" is slated for its Baltimore premiere at the Charles Theater, October 28th at 7pm. The movie surrounds two cousins, who gain super-human powers through a series of unexpected events, and their stories, as they decide how to use them. This full length feature, shot in and around Baltimore, was adopted by Brumar Films as a passion project when Martin Whittier took over as VFX Supervisor to assist in completing a large number of remaining effects. This was no small task, and many freelance and student artists were brought in to help meet our goal.

As of the date of this post, "The Photon Effect" has already shown in the Michigan "Waterfront Film Festival" and is being entered into numerous others, while seeking a distributor. Even the great Stan Lee has been presented a copy for his review of the movie. It is sure to be an exciting few months as word of mouth spreads and more people get to experience this great film's "effect."

Be sure to visit the official web site of the move or find it on Facebook and become a fan. Tickets are now on sale for the October 28th premiere, so be sure to reserve your seat now.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

High-speed New York Fashion

Still somewhat new to the cinema world is the realm of ultra fast imaging camera systems, most notably the Phantom HD. Before these cameras started to become popular within the last 3 years, 120 frames per second was kind of a big deal. But now Phantom brand camera systems are rewriting the rules delivering 2K resolution and higher, at speeds in excess of 1,000 frames per second.

I myself have been privileged enough to have used these types of cameras and others for more than 6 years. While most of my work has been restricted to laboratory environments, as of late I have ventured out into the production world providing shots for major news networks like CNN and the History channel. This past week, working as a Phantom Tech, I found myself on the set of something a little different, the world of high fashion. Along side several talented artists including director Jonathan Vitagliano, we proceeded to capture the movements of a beautiful model in exquisite textures and designs in super slow motion. Shooting full tilt at 1,000 fps, the model took on the appearance of a still life with only the simplest motions still intact. Our camera of choice for this shoot was the Phantom HD Gold, lensed with Cooke S4 primes, and the matching cine magazine for fast downloads of copious amounts of data. This shoot was a nice change of pace from the norm and should surely result in a beautiful promotional piece for the client.