Friday, March 26, 2010

Canon 5D MKII Vs. 7D

Well the Canon 5D firmware update is out finally giving all of us the 24p brilliance we have been waiting for. However this post is actually not about that but instead is to show you just how much of a difference is really viewable between the two cameras when talking about NOISE. I decide to setup my two bodies in a side by comparison using the exact same settings for aperture, shutter, ISO, and white balance with both running 1920X10180 24p. This video is the result of this test. The workflow I used is the typical conversion to Apple ProRess 422 with delivery back to H.264. One interesting note I learned from this comparison is that the 5D running the newest firmware runs at a slightly higher bit rate than the 7D (5.5MB for the 7D and 5.8MB for the 5D). Enjoy and be sure let me know if you want to see any specific test or comparisons.

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