Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Flying Canon's DSLR Systems

Over the past 2 years DSLR video systems have certainly boomed throughout the film, television, and hobbyist sectors. These cameras that produce such astounding images have certainly opened all new creative possibilities to filmmakers of all levels. But the big question is...how well does it FLY?

Well over the last 4 months I have really come to enjoy proping either my Canon 5D or 7D atop of my Steadicam Archer2 whenever possible. Out of the box these cameras are not ideal, mainly due to their small lightweight bodies. But when joined with the Redrock Micro DSLR cinema bundle these cameras operate and feel like real film and video cameras. As configured in the picture to the right, the camera, sled, and accessories weigh in at a hefty 30lbs which is just about perfect.

At this weight I find that I don't fatigue to quickly but there is enough mass that I don't feel like I am going send the rig out of control from a subtle bump. The only major down side I have run into is the lack of decent monitoring from the cameras. While both bodies support HDMI and composite out, most rigs aren't cable of taking the HDMI and the composite is of questionable quality at best. Regardless it is still loads of fun to fly and the final results continue to impress me.

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