Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ready to Fly

After an intense couple of months of training and purchasing new equipment, I am physically and mentally ready to fly. My name is Martin Whittier, and Steadicam has become a way of life for me. After getting bit by the bug several years ago, I have always thought about how amazing it would be to operate for a living.

In October 2009 I made the decision to attend a workshop hosted by the Steadicam Operator's Association (SOA) in Chester Springs, Pa. Over the course of 6 /14Hr days I became infatuated with everything that is Steadicam. It wasn't long before I was online researching the gear and taking the plunge.

This blog is a forum where I can share my experiences with others as I set out on this new chapter in my life. The next couple years will be a true test of my will to succeed and skills as I go forth. So check back often as I post stories of my adventures as well as photographs, videos, and anything else of interest. Please also take the time to visit my web site to view samples of my prior work. Thank you for visiting.

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